• How do I get a quote?

Once you have locked in your date and booked your venue, please fill out our form: REQUEST A QUOTE.

  • Where are you located and can I see the tables before renting them?

We currently do not have a showroom but we would love to chat with you.  Please CONTACT US.

  • How do I book my date?

To secure your date with us, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit and a signed contract/agreement.  This deposit will go towards your rental or purchase.  The remaining balance is due, in cash, at time of delivery. 

We also require a  security deposit in the form of a check.  This is 100% refundable if all items are returned in proper condition - clean and unharmed.  If items (i.e. tables, bar, etc.) are left messy and our team has to clean them, your security deposit will not be returned.

Please note: Delivery fees, travel expenses and taxes apply.  We accept Cash, Credit Card, Check, Venmo, Cash App.

  • Is there a minimum order?

Yes, our minimum is $250 for rentals.  This excludes all taxes and traveling fees.  There is no minimum for custom order purchases.

  • What is your service area?

Primarily the greater Los Angeles area, however we do travel anywhere from SoCal to Central Cali - Travel fees apply and vary upon distance.


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Delivery times:  


A 45 minute grace period will be applied to ALL deliveries (due to unforeseen circumstances, traffic, etc.).

Pickup times:


All items must be cleaned off and sprayed down, prior to pick-up or your deposit will be taken.  Additionally, if our crew has to wait past the scheduled pick-up time, $50 will be charged every half hour they wait. 

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  • What is your cancellation policy?

We do take cancellations pretty seriously.  Our goal at Rustic Rentals L.A. is to provide the best services to all who hire us. 

When a customer books us, that date is no longer available to anyone else.  So if we get a cancellation, that means it was a missed opportunity for someone else.  This is why we have a 50% non-refundable deposit, in order to secure your date.

If a client cancels at any time, ALL deposits are 100% non-refundable and final. This includes all delivery fees and taxes, as well as any traveling fees (hotel costs and out of town traveling fees).

  • What if items are damaged or lost?

The customer is fully responsible for all damages or lost items.  All items are to be paid back in full.  This includes all shipping, handling, taxes and all fees required to get those items back.


We have great pride in the fact that we custom-build and produce our own tables, bars, boat and larger rentals.  Because of this, they are not easily replaceable.  They have to be constructed or re-made if damaged. 


We have a strict policy that none of these items listed are allowed directly on our rentals.  Candles


must be placed into tall, solid votives (i.e. glass votives).  Votives must exceed the height of the flame.

Thank you for your cooperation and care of our handcrafted rentals.

- Rustic Rentals LA