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Shortly after Caleb and Maile were engaged,

the wedding planning began:

Venue          Caterer          Rentals... uh oh...

Weeks went by and they still couldn't find their dream tables.

One afternoon, Caleb told Maile he would be back in a bit.  

1 hour later, he revealed an 8 ft. trestle table 

he had just built in their backyard. 

She fell completely in love with it...and so it began!


Between the two of them, they designed and built their entire wedding: from the tables, to the bar and boat, to the signage, lawn games and was non-stop planning, designing and building for 8 months straight!


Though their wedding was an incredibly challenging experience, it was also an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience too.


 Caleb and Maile didn't just get their dream wedding...

they made it!

FAST FORWARD: After their "I do's", Maile began reflecting and fell "head-over-healeys" with the idea of helping others 

create their dream weddings and events too.

Caleb, strongly encouraged her to do it...and he even said he might keep building her things, if she is nice. 

And so...

Rustic Rentals L.A. was born! 

Jenn Sutton Photography
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